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Friday, September 6th, 2013
2:08 pm
Last Res0rt Vol. 2 Kickstarter - Be an Extra in the Comic! [X-posted all over]
If you ever wanted to appear in a comic book, this is your chance!

I'm raising funds to print Volume Two of Last Res0rt, and I'm offering cameos -- they come with badges to make sure I'm drawing your character right, so it's like a huge multi-part commission of your character(s)!

You can pre-order the books too, but this offer for cameos is only running during the kickstarter -- so check it out today!

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Wednesday, September 4th, 2013
6:04 pm
Breaking September News! (FurFright)
We're VERY excited to announce an appearance by a member of TAPS: The Atlantic Paranormal Society (the paranormal investigation group featured on the television show "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Hunters International") at this year's FurFright! Omar Sanchez, an investigator with TAPS West Coast and founder of Night Dwellers Paranormal Research Society (NDPRS), will be giving a Paranormal 101 presentation in the Main Ballroom Saturday at 4:30pm! Halloween + Ghosts + TAPS = Freakin' awesome!

We're also proud to welcome The Animal Haven to FurFright! The Animal Haven is a wonderful no-kill, non-profit shelter right here in Connecticut that does phenomenal work caring for abandoned dogs and cats and placing them in loving homes. They've been rescuing pets and serving their community since 1948, and work to fight animal cruelty though education and their spay/neuter program. We wanted to give some much-needed aid to our local shelters, so we're welcoming The Animal Haven to the FurFright Family!

This year we'll be working for The United States War Dogs Association, The Animal Haven, and The Connecticut Children's Medical Center (through our Friends Remembered Toy Drive). So please give generously!

And lookout for these events!

-- Our traditional Rocky Horror pool party (Sat @ 11pm)!
-- The return of our Fursuit Dance Competition!
-- Get ready for our Costume Competition!
-- The FurFright Photoshoot (get free high-quality photos taken of your and your friends)
-- Dances! (A great, diverse mix of dances to shake your tail)
-- The Draw Or Die! Art Jam!
-- Improv Jams!
-- The FHL Fursuit Hockey Tournament!
-- Our catered Sponsor/Dealer Dinner
-- The FurFright Trivia Challenge and Titanium Tea/Dessert Social!
-- 2 Fursuit Parades!
-- Karaoke!
-- 80+ hours of programming EVERY DAY!

And so much more!

A full schedule of events coming soon!

***PRE-REG NOW!!!*** Make sure you Pre-Register for the con before badges sell out! It's quick, easy, you save money, and you're guaranteed a badge. Don't wait and risk getting turned away at the door!

Register here: http://www.furfright.org/attendee.html **Deadline to pre-register is September 17th**

In This Issue:
1) TAPS Paranormal Investigator to appear @ FurFright!
2) Fursuit Dance Competition
3) Fursuit Massacre (Fursuit Games)
4) The Furry Car Show/Block Party!
5) FurFright & Halloween Means COSTUMES!
6) Our Charities Need Your Help!
1) TAPS Paranormal Investigator to appear @ FurFright!

A member of TAPS: The Atlantic Paranormal Society (the paranormal investigation group featured on the television show "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Hunters International") will be giving a presentation at this year's FurFright! Omar Sanchez, an investigator with TAPS West Coast and founder of Night Dwellers Paranormal Research Society (NDPRS), will be speaking on the main stage Saturday at 4:30pm! Be there (or it will haunt you the rest of your life)!
2) Fursuit Dance Competition

Furfright's Fursuit Dance Competition is BACK and ready to rock your world! Hosted by the fandom's powerhouse, JD Puppy! Come watch some of the fandom's talent get up on stage and show what they got! Interested in participating? Here are the rules for this year's competition!

3) Fursuit Massacre (Fursuit Games)

FurFright's Fursuit Massacre is always a blast to watch and play! Teams of fursuiters face off in FurFright Stadium where the secret ingredient is FUN (with a side of personal injury)! This year the games kick off Sunday at Noon in the Ballroom!

(*Fursuiters must be there at 11:30am to sign-in)
4) The Furry Car Show/Block Party!

The Furry Car Show is back! Show off your ride, or just come out and see some amazing machines! There'll be prizes for both participants and spectators! And we're continuing the FurFright Block Party this year (at a more reasonable hour), with music and food! After the fursuit parade on Saturday, take a group photo with the fursuiters then head up to the parking garage for high-octane fun!

***You must be registered for the convention to enter your car***

Space is limited, so register now!

Car Show Registration:

FurFright Registration:

***The Car Show is looking for volunteers to help out. If you'd like to lend a hand, contact the Car Show Crew at arthemys AT gmail DOT com***
5) FurFright & Halloween Means COSTUMES!

It's a Halloween con, people, so bring an awesome costume and make the halls of FurFright even creepier than they already are!

We're also having a big COSTUME COMPETITION! The most imaginative, entertaining costume wins! To take part, come to the Ballroom Saturday morning between 10am and Noon and sign-up (you do not have to be in costume to register). We'll be accepting a maximum of 20 contestants, and the sign-up process is first-come-first-serve, so the earlier you get there the better!

Costumes must be suitable for all ages. For the purpose of the competition, fursuits DO NOT constitute a costume! Though you may apply a theme and wear a costume OVER a fursuit. Costumes must show a basic degree of effort. Cheap-ass costumes are not allowed. Your costume can't be a "fursuit" you made out of a pizza box and a shoelace. For God's sake, people . . . TRY!
6) Suit Up and Face-Off at the Fursuit Hockey Tournament!

It's fursuit floor hockey for FUN (i.e. national pride)! We need fursuiters and a hungry crowd to come on down for the FHL Fursuit Hockey Tournament! Teams from Boston, Montreal, Toronto, and other imaginary places will face-off in Game 2 (the first tourney took place this past May in Montreal. We can't remember who won...) and try to claim the Furry Cup! If you have a suit, come down and we'll put you on a team! And if we don't get enough fursuiters, you audience members are welcomed to play! You can bring your own stick and equipment, or we'll have sticks for you to borrow. Remember, these are just-for-fun, no contact, no slapshot, no injury games. Old time hockey! Eddie Shore! Dit Clapper! Your line starts, coach?
7) Our Charities Need Your Help!

FurFright exists to accomplish two very important goals: to show our attendee friends a great time, and to help our charities. Every year we're inspired to try to make the world a nicer place for animals and those in need, and we can always count on our FurFright Family to band together and make a difference!

This year we're supporting...

-- The United States War Dogs Association. These dedicated Veterans educate the public about the service and sacrifice of our Military Working Dogs past, present, and future; send vital equipment and necessities to dogs and handlers working overseas; rally public support by collecting petitions to enact laws that aid/protect Military Working Dogs; help retired Military Working Dogs get adopted into loving homes; and train shelter dogs to be support animals for Veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

-- The Animal Haven. We're proud to support The Animal Haven, a wonderful no-kill, non-profit shelter right here in Connecticut that does phenomenal work caring for abandoned dogs and cats and placing them in loving homes. They've been rescuing pets and serving their community since 1948, and work to fight animal cruelty though education and their spay/neuter program. We wanted to give some much-needed aid to our local shelters, so we're welcoming The Animal Haven back to the FurFright Family!

-- The Connecticut Children's Medical Center. To honor our friends in the community who have passed away, FurFright organizes a "Friends Remembered Toy Drive". Bring a new, unwrapped toy to the Dealer Cashier at the con, and you'll receive a free gift and a card you can fill out and post on our memorial wall. The toys will be delivered to The Connecticut Children's Medical Center following the convention, where they'll bring some much-needed comfort and joy to children suffering from injuries and illness.

List of acceptable/needed toys: http://www.connecticutchildrens.org/files/6813/6027/3525/suggested_items.pdf

All money raised at FurFright will be given to the USWDA and The Animal Haven, and all the toys collected will be given to the Connecticut Children's Hospital. Every penny we raise goes towards providing general and veterinary care, food, equipment, essentials, education, and services for animals and children in need.

And to do all this... WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Here's how you can help!

This is where you can bid on and win some outstanding artwork and merchandise! We not only need your bids, but we need you to donate desirable items and services for others to drool over and grab! So bring your donated items to the charity room, bid, and help the War Dogs and The Animal Haven!

FurFright, and our community, is truly a family. We've lost too many members of the FurFright Family throughout the years, and we're always searching for ways to honor and remember them. As wonderful as one-time gestures are, we wanted to start a tradition that honors the memory of our friends by helping others. And so we continue our "Friends Remembered Toy Drive" to benefit the Connecticut Children's Medical Center.

It's so easy to brighten someone's day, and life. Just bring a new unopened toy or plushy (new with tags) to FurFright and drop it off at the Dealer Cashier (in the Dealers' Dungeon), and we'll give you a thank you gift. Also, when you make a donation, you'll get a card to write a personalized message to post on our Friends Remembered Memorial Wall.

Here's a list of toys and items the Connecticut Children's Medical Center is looking for:


This is a great way for you ARTISTS and PHOTOGRAPHERS to donate your skills! The Book of the Dead is a portfolio we auction off, filled with all sorts of outstanding works! The deadline for mail-in submissions is October 15th. Or, just bring your submission to the charity room at the con. For more information please contact Silvermane at: silvermane1977 AT gmail DHOT com.

We'll be collecting cash and merchandise donations at the con in our Charity Room, as well as having donation buckets at the Dealer Cashier and with our Charity Bucket Brigade suiters, so PLEASE dig deep and give generously! Let's show the world the heart of our community!

If you have any questions regarding our charity and how you can help, please contact our charity department at: auction[at]furfright.org

Thank you all for helping us show the true heart of our community!
October 25-27, 2013
Cromwell, CT USA
Guests Of Honor: Tygurstar & Wallaby
Honored Speaker: Omar Sanchez (TAPS & Night Dwellers Investigator)
The United States War Dogs Association
The Animal Haven
The Connecticut Children's Medical Center
Email Newsletter: Sign-up on the www.furfright.org homepage!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FurFright
Live Journal: http://furfright.livejournal.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/FurFright/396948207011416
Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/115424357827728324123/posts
Weasyl: https://www.weasyl.com/profile/furfright
SoFurry: http://www.sofurry.com/groups/view?id=2980

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Friday, August 2nd, 2013
6:23 pm
FurFright hockey jerseys - deadline August 15th! .....plus a couple other deadlines...
Everyone loved the FurFright Hockey Jerseys last year, and told us they wanted another chance to order one, so here they are!


These are game-quality jerseys with double reinforced shoulders and elbows, customized with your name and number on the back! They look great on anyone (even you)! And studies (we made up) show they make fursuits 75% more attractive!

And this year we're offering 2 (TWO) styles of jersey! Home black, and away white! Collect them all!

They're dirt cheap, and this is your LAST CHANCE to get one! You CANNOT get these jerseys after the deadline, at the con, or ever again! You can only order them at the FurFright Constore...NOW!

***The deadline to order your jersey is August 15th***

Custom hockey jerseys like these must be made in bulk, so we'll be taking orders until ***August 15th*** and then sending the entire order to the manufacturer. Jerseys will be shipped to you in late September/early October.

Jerseys are PRE-ORDER ONLY and will be shipped to your door. They will NOT be available at the con! So join Team FurFright and order now!

Order HERE: http://www.furfright.org/constore.html


Conbook, badge, and t-shirt art submissions!

Have your work printed/published in/on conbooks, t-shirts, badges, con-exclusive merchandise, etc and seen by the horde at this year’s FurFright!


We’re looking for Halloween and War Dogs-themed artwork and writing to be featured in all areas of the convention. We’re going to be selecting many different pieces, so feel free to submit as many designs as you like.

It's a great way to have your work seen by the masses! And if we select your design, you’ll get a shout in the conbook and a nifty gifty!

For more info visit:
(art) - http://www.furfright.org/art.html
(written work) - http://www.furfright.org/written.html


Pre-register NOW Before Badges Sell Out!

For the love of all that is holy, Pre-reg for the con to guarantee admission! We host a maximum of 1500 attendees, so register now before badges sell out!

That, and pre-registering saves you cash monies! So why wait?!

Register here: http://www.furfright.org/attendee.html

**Deadline to pre-register is September 17th**

If you have any questions, please respond to the original post, found here:

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Saturday, December 8th, 2012
12:10 pm
Gold Dragon Art Auction
This art is for sale! I!

This art is 11 x 17 on semi rough bristol paper. It's done watercolor style with acrylic inks and colored pencil.  It's been protected with a glossy acrylic varnish spray. It looks fantastic and is one of my favorite piece's I've done yet.

Please check out the auction here:


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Friday, November 23rd, 2012
4:20 am
Missouri Convention & Black Friday Freebie!!!
Black Friday Freebie: share this journal, comment here (https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/4055619/) with the link to your sharing, and be entered to win one of three drawings in this style, (https://www.furaffinity.net/view/7979341/) & (https://www.furaffinity.net/view/7979313/) donated by :iconkryistina:
F3 Convention, Missouri's Furry Con, is really going to happen, and with your help, we can make it great!
F3, Missouri's Furry Convention
Springfield, MO
December 14th-16th, 2012
Howard Johnson Inn & Convention Center
F3 is Springfield Missouri's first furry convention, dedicated to fans of all ages who enjoy anthropomorphic animal characters such as cartoons. Our primary goal is to entertain and educate about anthropomorphic artistry of all varieties, exploring creativity while enriching the lives of youth through costuming and showcasing the talents of the local community, while raising  funds for our chosen animal charity.
2012 Will be our first convention and we would love for you  to celebrate our “grand opening” with us!
Guests of Honor are Calamity Cougar, Okidoki Coyote, and Hazard!
We are still looking for art and stories for the conbook as well!
Also, we have a huge special! The first 100 pre-registrations will be getting a free F3 keychain! This is retroactive, so if you have already registered as an artist, vendor, or attendee of any rank, you get a free keychain too! =^_^=

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Friday, November 2nd, 2012
2:38 pm

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Saturday, August 25th, 2012
5:07 pm
Once upon a time…
…there was a mountain. But this wasn’t just any mountain. This mountain was royal. It’s wooded slopes were the home to all manner of creatures. After many years, the trees gave way to the expansion of a kingdom. Giant buildings made of shining glass were erected, roads and causeways were created to aid in the delivering of goods and services. But the animals still remained, and thrived. Annually, folk from other kingdoms come to visit the Royal Mountain. They come from lands near and far for one purpose: To celebrate.
The pumpkin carriages are parked, the orchestra has struck the first note, and the banquet is awaiting. What The Fur 2013 is ready to receive you to our Fairy Tale kingdom! We’re pleased to announce that our fourth convention is building up nicely, with the staff rallying their elves and fairy godmothers to help.

What The Fur? Fairy Tales
May 17-19 2013
Montreal, QC, Canada

In this issue:
  • Our New Dates
  • Our New Hotel
  • Guest of Honour!
  • Enough with the new, where’s the stuff we like?
  • We need your help to make this happen!

Click here to read the whole thing

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Thursday, August 23rd, 2012
10:42 am
Night Of The Living Deadline! (August News)

***9 DAYS*** until the August 31st Deadline! Only 9 DAYS left to...

-- Order your Official FurFright Hockey Jersey and join Team FurFright! This jersey is one of a kind and bad-ass! You can personalize it with your own name and number, and it's only available if you pre-order! It will NOT be sold at the con!

To see and order your jersey visit: http://www.furfright.org/constore.html

-- Submit your artwork & writing and have it showcased in the conbook, on badges, t-shirts, etc! And if we use your work you get a free gift!

For more info visit:
(art) - http://www.furfright.org/art.html
(written work) - http://www.furfright.org/written.html

-- For the love of all that is holy, do NOT wait to register at the door! Because our attendees value the intimate, family feel of FurFright, we host a maximum of 1500 attendees. Once the badges are gone there are no more, so we STRONGLY suggest you register ahead of time! Once you pre-register you're guaranteed admission, so why wait?

Register here: http://www.furfright.org/attendee.html

**Deadline to pre-register is September 17th**
In Other News:
1) Pub Trivia @ FurFright!
2) Masquerade Acts Wanted!
3) Halloween Costume Competition!
4) PLEASE Donate Art & Merchandise To Help The War Dogs!
5) Friday Movie Vote Results!

To read the full newsletter and ask questions, please go to our original posts located here:

Thank you!

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Friday, August 3rd, 2012
7:09 am
Beware the **August 31st** Deadline!
(Please ask any questions or leave comments here: http://furfright.livejournal.com/460380.html )

Panic and wet yourselves! God knows we are!

-- We Need Programming!: We need skilled, knowledgable furs like you to run panels, socials, and events!

**Submission deadline is AUGUST 31st**

To register your class/panel/social visit: http://www.furfright.org/panel.html

-- Last Call For FurFright Hockey Jerseys!: Want an official Team FurFright custom/personalized hockey jersey?

**Submit your order by AUGUST 31st**

This is a one-time offer only! These will NOT be sold at the con, so order now!

To see and order your jersey, visit: http://www.furfright.org/constore.html

-- Artwork & Stories Needed!: If you'd like your artwork or writing featured in our conbook, or on badges, t-shirts, etc please...

**Submit your work by AUGUST 31st**

For more info visit:
(art) - http://www.furfright.org/art.html
(written work) - http://www.furfright.org/written.html

-- Pre-register Before Badges Sell Out!: For the love of all that is holy, pre-register for the con to guarantee admission! We host a maximum of 1500 attendees, so register now before badges sell out!

Register here: http://www.furfright.org/attendee.html

**Deadline to pre-register is September 17th**

Don't wait! Don't be sad! All it takes is a quick click and you're in like a wolf--... Uh, never mind.

FurFright X
October 26-28, 2012
Cromwell, CT USA

**Only 84 Days Left!**

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Monday, July 9th, 2012
3:17 pm
Horror @ Party Beach! (FurFright July News)
FurFright X
October 26-28, 2012
Cromwell, CT USA
There's only 3 months and change (108 days) until FurFright's big 10th anniversary Halloween bash!

We've got all kinds of new and improved events like... a Costume Competition, Dance Competition, Car Show, Official Custom/Personalized Hockey Jerseys, new faster registration, bigger/cooler fursuit lounge, kick-ass 10th anniversary goodies, Panels/classes, Masquerade, Fursuit Games, and a lot more! Not to mention some nifty surprises that will surprise you with their unexpected surprisingness!

Like every year, we're working hard to make sure you furs have a great time, and so we can all help our War Dogs Charity!


-- Pre-register NOW!: For the love of all that is holy, Pre-reg for the con to guarantee admission! We host a maximum of 1500 attendees, so register now before badges sell out! Register here: http://www.furfright.org/attendee.html **Deadline to pre-register is September 17th**

-- Showcase Your Art/Writing!: If you'd like your artwork or stories to be featured in our conbook, or on con badges, please submit them before August 31st! If we use your work you'll receive a free gift!

For more info visit:
(art) - http://www.furfright.org/art.html
(written work) - http://www.furfright.org/written.html

-- Run A Panel/Class/Event!: We need furs to run panels, classes, and events! Have a skill or area of expertise, then share the love! Register your panel/class here: http://www.furfright.org/panel.html And everyone who runs a panel gets a free gift!

-- Get An Official FurFright Hockey Jersey!: If you want to join Team FurFright and don our official customized/personalized Hockey Jersey, get your orders in before August 31st! You can NOT get these jerseys at the con! This is a one-time offer only! So if you want a bad-ass jersey, grab one here: http://www.furfright.org/constore.html
In This Issue:
1) Help The War Dogs!
2) Artists/Writers: Have Your Work Showcased @ FurFright!
3) We Need YOU To Run Panels & Events!
4) Join Our Costume Competition!
5) Blow A Gasket @ The FurFright Car Show!

To view this newsletter in its entirety, please visit:

If you have any questions, please contact the con staff directly or comment on one of the original journal entries listed above.

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Wednesday, May 16th, 2012
8:16 pm
What's That In The Road, A Head? (May News)
Come on, be part of FurFright's 10th Anniversary Celebration! 162 Days until the furry horde crawls from the grave and roams the halls of FurFright!

DO NOT wait until the last minute to plan! Pre-register cheap (before May 31st), grab a hotel room, submit artwork and stories to get your work seen by the masses, help with programming by submitting your panels and events, get ready to take part in our Costume Competition and Masquerade, order your official FurFright Hockey Jersey, etc

There's only 2 weeks left to pre-register at our lowest discounted rate for FurFright 2012! Save money, and guarantee yourself admission to this year's con!

In This Issue:
1) Register Before Price Increase (May 31st)
2) Costume Competition
3) We Need YOU To Run Panels & Events!
4) Artists/Writers: Have Your Work Showcased @ FurFright!
5) Get Your FurFright Hockey Jersey!
To view the entire newsletter, please read on here:

If you have any questions, please comment directly on either of these original posts or email the proper department (http://www.furfright.org/contact.html).

Thank you!

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Monday, May 14th, 2012
1:57 am
Wolf Art Auction!
I've put some new art up for auction! You can see more of my art on my FA account too: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/cybercat/


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Friday, April 20th, 2012
11:41 am
FurFright X (April News)
We're already hard at work gearing up for FurFright X! We've got some new and exciting stuff planned, and we're updating/improving your old favorites! We've never been a con that phones it in or rests on its luscious (yet sweaty) pasty-white laurels. We work hard and try new things so we can give you the best con we can every single year!

News Briefs:
-- NEW HOTEL CONTRACT: FurFright has signed a new contract with the Crowne Plaza Cromwell through 2015! So we'll be haunting our beloved labyrinth for years to come! Whoop de freakin' DOO!
-- SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER: Don't miss vital con info and updates! Sign-up for the Official FurFright newsletter and have it delivered right to your inbox! Sign up form is on the www.furfright.org homepage.
-- PRE-REGISTER OR CRY!: Pre-register for the con NOW so you can save money and guarantee yourself admission! Register here: http://www.furfright.org/attendee.html
-- IMPROVEMENTS FOR 2013?: Yes! We're already working on implementing improved systems for reserving hotel rooms and dealer tables!

Coming In 2012!
-- Special 10th anniversary events and rememberies! (Mock the past as only FurFright can!)
-- Retro 10th anniversary FurFright shirts & merchandise! (The past is here...today!)
-- New Atrium movies and events (And don't miss our Rocky Horror Picture Show Saturday night)!
-- The FurFright Car Show Is Back! (Yo, check out my ride!)
-- Costume Competition (be part of our Masquerade halftime show and win prizes)
-- Karaoke! (Grab the mic and howl like you think you can sing!)
-- New Fursuit Massacre! (New games, more guts, more glory!)
-- Dead Dog Party & Parade (Pizza and parades! What's not to love?)
-- New Improved Registration! (We've updated our system so you wait less and frolic more!)
-- We're Going To Help The War Dogs Like Never Before!

And so much more!

In This Issue:
1) Don't Wait To Pre-Register!
2) We Need YOU To Run Panels & Events!
3) /Writers: Have Your Work Showcased @ FurFright!
4) FurFright Car Show!
5) Get Your FurFright Hockey Jersey!

To see the full newsletter, please visit either of these journals:

If you have any questions, please comment on the original post(s) so everyone can see. Thank you!

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Friday, April 6th, 2012
1:03 am
Dragon and Unicorn Original Up for Auction!
The Dragon and Unicorn piece is up for Auction. There's no reserve and starting bid is only $50.00! It's 11x 14 and has a ton of detail!

Thanks so much for your support! Here's the link : http://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1030990.html

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Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012
11:07 pm
Anubianhost.com New site open!
Hey everyone! I'm really proud to announce the new Anubianhost.com site is now open! I spent the last few days working on it. While it's not complete all the main components are listed! And stay tuned!! We will soon be offering Dedicated, Cloud and Reseller Services!! More details to come soon on that!

With the great news of our new dedicated servers I wanted to offer a 25% discount to any new shared hosting account! Just use the code coupon code "25OFF" during the sign up. ^.^

Please help us spread the word and don't forget! Any existing customers can earn free service by referring a friend!

Please like us on Facebook and check us out on twitter for service updates and more!


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Monday, March 26th, 2012
4:53 pm
FurFright Dealer Registration opens in FIVE days!
Just one last reminder that dealer registration for FurFright 2012 will be opening at 11:59pm Eastern on Saturday, March 31, 2012!

See our posts and dealer reg page for more information!

If you have any questions, NOW is the time to ask!

Please leave your comments/questions on the following LJ post so everyone can see!

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Tuesday, February 28th, 2012
1:09 am
Zorra Original art Up for Auction $20.00 No Reserve!
The Zorra wolf art is up for auction. It's on a half sheet of paper, so it's smaller than most of my art but I did that so I could charge less.

I hope some of you who've been wishing to get some original art from me will find this art acceptable and affordable!

Please check out the auction here: http://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1029923.html

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Thursday, December 29th, 2011
8:15 am
December 29th - Leave Go adddy Day
Today is "Leave GoDaddy Day". Brought upon by Go Daddy's shady business practices and a CEO that likes to hunt wild game and supporting SOPA. In celebration of this today Anubianhost.com is offering 25% all hosting packages. This 25% off will stick with you as long as you have your account with us and it will never expire! Just use coupon code "godaddy" during the checkout to receive your discount!

Also if your an existing customer and refer a new customer to us have them use your domain or name in the referral field and we will give you one month free of service credit for your hosting!


Check us out and support small business's!



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Sunday, December 11th, 2011
2:49 pm
Dahlia and Dragon Original Art for Sale
Hi yall! I've got new art up on the auction block!

This took me like 5 days to do, the coloring alone took most of it. It's done on 8.5 x 11 inch marker paper. It's colored with copic / prisma markers and colored pencils. The original is up for sale on Furbuy!

I appreciate your support of my art!


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Tuesday, December 6th, 2011
12:46 pm
Christmas Ornaments
I have these listed on The Dealers Den. I am very limited in the designs left so check them out and get them in time for xmas :)

Porcelain Ornaments

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