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Furrtive: The one-stop shop for all things furry. Topics are on and off topic, ranging from "Check out my latest anthro pangolin picture" to "How bout them Leonid meteor showers?" Everyone has at least one thing in common here, and that is a love for furry, be it art or otherwise.

Connect with fellow LJ furries, post artwork (or anything, really) for sale/auction, ask for advice on a story or a picture, chat with those who understand.

jenna_vixen, spikedpunch and thefaux are co-moderators. Want to see a change on the Furry Community group? Drop a line to one of the co-moderators. Note that the group runs itself; I am merely a behind-the-scenes facilitator. Have questions about general day-to-day workings of the group? Best to post to the group directly and ask them. Yes, we're a true (furry) democracy!

Because of the prevalence of Russian spam-bots, this country is now moderated and will present a CAPTCHA to non-members attempting to post.

All Hail Discordia, and may the schwartz be with you.